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Thank you - Vote November 8th!


When Steve Goodin took his oath of office as a Cincinnati City Councilman, the city was in crisis


Three councilmembers under indictment for pay-to-play corruption.


COVID shutdowns had decimated the city’s earnings tax receipts, jeopardizing basic services.

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And a demoralized police force was left to contend with record gun violence and the growing perception that Cincinnati is a lawless and dangerous place.


Economic development had ground to a halt. Businesses were afraid to invest private capital into our downtown. The considerable progress and growth of the preceding decade was in danger.

As a former JAG officer and prosecutor, Steve was no stranger to making tough decisions and rallying the support necessary to see them through.


He had already crafted an overhaul of Cincinnati’s underwater pension system as it lead outside counsel. He was made for this moment.

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Steve immediately began drafting what was to become a nationally-recognized ethics ethics reform package which restored transparency and accountability to the city’s economic development process. It was unanimously passed by City Council on October 27, 2021.

He fought special interests and put hundreds of millions of federal bailout dollars in the bank for revenue replacement.


And most importantly, Steve backed the blue. He defied the “defund the police” crowd by pushing long-overdue raises and three new recruit classes to lift up our city police department. 

The city remains in crisis. Crime continues to decimate our neighborhoods and inflation continues to hurt our families . But thanks to Steve’s work, the city has a fighting chance.


On November 8, let’s send Steve to fix another damaged institution – the Hamilton County Courthouse. Empower him to bring the same principles of transparency and accountability he brought to City Hall to the halls of justice.


Steve Goodin always puts the taxpayers first.


Our courthouse has simply lost its way. Violent offenders are often being released on low or no bonds, and political ideology now seems to direct administrative decisions. At the head of this, is our Clerk of Courts office. 


The interim clerk took over an office rife with bad policy and political cronyism. Since taking office, he has continued down this road - making the courthouse less transparent to the public.

Since his appointment, the interim clerk of courts has:

Deleted thousands of public records - a slap in the face to honest landlords and small business owners.

Cincinnati Enquirer, May 24, 2022

Undermined public safety - by placing illegal and onerous requirements on police officers filing arrest warrants.

Ham. Co. Mun. Ct. Admin Order 22-22

Procured thousands of dollars in out-of-state campaign donations - 73% came from California, Virginia, and D.C.

Ham. Co. Bd of Elections 2022 Semi-Annual Report

Pushed dangerous bail reform - including his bizarre claim low bonds “have not made the community less safe.”

NAACP Candidates Forum, August 30, 2022

Steve Goodin wants to make the clerk of courts office work for everyone.


We need a courthouse that works for everyone - not just those with a law degree. Whether you're searching for case information, conducting a background check, or checking to see if any violent offenders are in your neighborhood, Steve Goodin has a plan to make that happen.

Protect Families by alerting you when judges release violent & sexual offenders into your neighborhood.

Help Victims by making it easy to search court records and get case information.

Support Small Businesses by expanding the Help Center with resources for small business owners & landlords who can’t afford attorneys.

Prioritize Transparency by overhauling the clerk's outdated website.